Since 1993, Lisa has worked with
individuals, couples, families and groups addressing issues such as depression and anxiety, grief and loss, separation and divorce adjustment, parenting dilemmas and various life transitioning and adjustment concerns common to all people.
She has specialty training and expertise in women's issues, adolescent girls, eating disorders, self-injury, relational
aggression, families affected by alcoholism
and Codependency, survivors of abuse and trauma, sexuality and spirituality issues and the unique needs of military families.
​Lisa is theoretically oriented in gestalt,
​systemic and existential philosophies
​and practices from holistic, positive and strength-based psycho-therapeutic perspectives. Lisa holds great respect and reverence for those she counsels and the healing and recovery process.
Lisa Anne Tieglman-Koepp, M.S.Ed
Professional Counseling, Consulting, Speaking

​Professional Speaking & Consulting

Lisa is active on the regional speaking circuit of
Southeastern Wisconsin, providing dynamic programs, presentations and keynote
addresses to private and public sector organizations.  Early in her career,
she was the visionary founder of
SpiritWings Productions, a speaking
company that specialized in seminar,
workshop and  retreat development that
  honored the exquisite relationship between
the body, mind, emotion, soul and spirit.
Lisa recognizes the value of understanding the unique objectives her clients have and
draws upon her rich personal and professional experiences when writing for publication
and/or developing her presentations. 
Lisa is a master story-teller with a speaking
style that is authentic and warm, personal and engaging.  Her message is always inspiring,
 packed with hope, and delivered
with enthusiasm and humor!

* National Board Certified Counselor (NCC)
*Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)
*Certified Eating Disorders Specialist​ (CEDS)
*Professional Speaker & Consultant